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EiMiX - sorted quickly flat

Designed, developed and manufactured in "Mainfranken" - Bavaria - Germany.
It is a unique, patented and practical wallet.

EiMiX has been awarded with the German Leather Goods award.
New, exclusive and only available here in our online shop.

Barzahlung mit System EiMiX Euro Money Box Geldbörse mit Münzfach
EiMiX is the ideal companion, because… never again have to look for small change
...the coins will never fully or thicken your wallet consists of a soft, flexible and flat plastic
...the wallet is always light will have a good ordered overview
...a special closure allows easy removal
   and prevents coins from falling out granted sufficient space for debit and credit cards
...the wallet is made of genuine high quality leather
...the invention - the EiMiX blank - is 100% 
Made in Germany


EiMiX – This wallet will change your life!